• How to set up RTSP playback using GoodPlayer for Apple iOS devices

    The GoodPlayer IOS mobile app can be used to play an RTSP stream from Wowza Media Server. The following tutorial is geared toward quickly configuring the GoodPlayer app to play a live or VOD stream - this tutorial will not include all the possible configuration settings or other capabilities of the GoodPlayer application.

    This tool requires:
    • IOS Device
    • GoodPlayer installed onto IOS Device

    To use this player with Wowza Media Server, follow these instructions:

    First, setup an application for streaming by following one of these tutorials:

    Video On Demand

    Live: RTMP based encoder

    Live: RTSP/RTP based encoder

    Live: MPEG-TS based encoder

    Live: Native RTP (SDP file) based encoder

    Live: IP Camera, RTSP/RTP re-streaming

    1. Launch the GoodPlayer app on the IOS device
    2. From the GoodPlayer start page, select the bottom right icon - this will bring you to a page where you can select Direct Streaming URL from a list of connection choices. Select Direct Streaming URL.
    3. On the Open URL screen, select the Add (+) button on the bottom left of the screen. This will pop up a Create a new URL dialog.
    4. In the Create a new URL dialog, give your connection a name (will not be used by Wowza Media Server), and enter a URL as follows:
      1. For example, for live:
      2. For example, for vod:

    For support for this player or to provide feedback, go to the following site: http://www.hustmobile.com/goodplayer/index.html.