• Wowza Streaming Engine

    This page provides links to support articles and documentation for our Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software. You can run Wowza Streaming Engine software on one or more computers at your physical location, on your hardware, across your Internet connection--or you can deploy Wowza Streaming Engine software on cloud-hosting services to stream your content from high-performance virtual machines hosted remotely.

    Note: If you're using our Wowza Streaming Cloud™ online service, see our Wowza Streaming Cloud support articles and documentation.

    Getting Started

    Learn how to install the Wowza Streaming Engine software, and create and manage applications for streaming.

    Wowza Streaming Engine quick start guides


    Follow step-by-step instructions for configuring Wowza Streaming Engine software for common streaming workflows.

    Wowza Streaming Engine tutorials

    Performance Tuning

    Tune your media server for best streaming performance in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

    Performance Tuning articles

    Software Updates

    Follow these instructions to get and install the latest Wowza Streaming Engine software downloads and updates.

    Wowza Streaming Engine software updates, upgrade guides, and release notes

    Live Streaming and Encoders

    Connect encoders and cameras to your Wowza Streaming Engine media server, transcode and record the incoming live streams, enable DVR playback capabilities in players, and then send the live streams to Content Distribution Networks and clients for playback.

    Live streaming configuration articles

    On Demand Streaming

    Deliver videos files to players on demand and use the Media Cache read-through caching mechanism on demand streaming scalability.

    On-demand streaming configuration articles

    Closed Captioning

    Add closed captions to live and on-demand streams.

    Closed-captioning articles

    Digital Rights Management

    Encrypt live and on-demand streams on the fly using DRM technology in Wowza Streaming Engine software that integrates with DRM key management systems.

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) articles

    Cloud Deployments

    Deploy Wowza Streaming Engine virtual machines in cloud environments hosted by third-party providers, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Rackspace.

    Cloud deployment articles

    Media Players and Devices

    Play live and on-demand streams, with chat and remote recording capabilities, on a wide variety of media player technologies including Adobe Flash Player; Microsoft Silverlight player; Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Apple QuickTime player; Android smartphones and tablets; IPTV/OTT set-top boxes, and more.

    Media player and playback devices articles

    Server Administration

    Manage, configure, and monitor your Wowza Streaming Engine media server using features in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and AddOn packages that extend and enhance the media server's functionality.

    Server administration articles