• Wowza Developer APIs and SDKs

    This page provides links to documentation resources for the Wowza developer community. Use the Developer Guides, REST and Java API examples, and SDK documentation to help you create custom video streaming solutions that use Wowza™ media server software and live streaming services.

    Note: To get expert help from the Wowza developer support team and community, go to the Wowza Developer Forums. For insights and updates from streaming experts, see our Streaming Media Blog Developer Posts.

    Wowza Streaming Engine REST API

    Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software has a REST API that you can use to configure, manage, and monitor the media server through HTTP requests. The REST API documentation describes how to access the REST API runtime documentation and use the REST API endpoints to control the Wowza Streaming Engine software. Multiple cURL examples demonstrate how to query the Wowza Streaming Engine REST service.

    Getting started | REST API articles and query examples

    Wowza Streaming Engine Java API

    Wowza Streaming Engine media server software is built using Java technology and can be extended by writing custom Java classes that are loaded dynamically by the server at runtime. Use the Wowza IDE, API documentation, and example code to extend the media server software for your own use.

    Getting started | Java API articles and example code

    Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API

    The Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service has a REST API that enables you to make HTTP requests to Wowza Streaming Cloud servers. The REST API documentation describes how to use the REST API for the Wowza Streaming Cloud service and provides example cURL commands that demonstrate how to execute HTTP methods to expedite common tasks and workflows.

    Getting started | REST API articles and query examples

    Wowza GoCoder SDK

    The Wowza GoCoder™ mobile app has a SDK and Java-based API that developers can use to create custom mobile live streaming app solutions that can broadcast to Wowza Streaming Engine servers and Wowza Streaming Cloud.

    About the GoCoder SDK | GoCoder SDK Developer Documentation