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Thread: Clear Buffer/Cache for slow users

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    Default Clear Buffer/Cache for slow users

    How to limit buffer cache for each users therefore we do not need to keep up buffer for slow client? therefore we able to save memory.

    For Example:

    Stream Set for 350 Kbps

    However 256 Kbps try to access this stream for one hour, it will up the resources for slow client. its not useful.

    How to accomplish?

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    Hi Mevrick,

    The buffer for the client is controlled from the flash player. netstream.bufferTime(). The server will send out the stream as quickly as it can until it has filled the client buffer and then it will try to maintain it. For recorded streams, it will only send it as quickly as the connection will allow and you will see pauses on the client side while it rebuffers. For live streams, the server only buffers about 8 seconds and if the client has a slow connection then it will drop frames rather than increasing the buffer size.


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