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Thread: HTTP cupertino: Latency and timeout

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    Default HTTP cupertino: Latency and timeout


    I've just got my Wowza server up and running. I've followed one of the quickguides to get my stream (from FMLE 3.1) working and it seems as if RTP/RTSP/RTMP works fine. I'm also able to connect from Quicktime and iPhone via HTTP(Cupertino). However, then comes the problems:

    The delay on the iphone is very long. And when the stream has gone for some time (apprx. 3min) the clients time out / I cant connect. As a matter of fact it seems as if the video-chunks used by cupertino doesn't get deleted.

    Have anyone encountered this problem before?

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    The iphone delay will typically be at least 30 seconds. That's just the nature of the beast, because it needs to download several chunks before it can start playing.

    Are you running the developer version of Wowza? Cupertino streams are limited to 3 minutes in that version.

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    Well, that should explain a couple of things

    And it explains why the error-log said I've reached the maximum number of users.


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    Also take a look at this post regarding Cupertino settings and advice on mitigating (somewhat) iOS latency:


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