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Thread: EC2 Shared Objects and Number of connections

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    Default EC2 Shared Objects and Number of connections


    Been using Wowza for a while now but this is my first post to the forum. Hello!

    Got a couple of questions please if someone could help.

    So first of all I am not using Wowza for streaming video but for handling text and video chats between users. The application I use is getting more popular and so need to start looking into load balancing/scalability etc. I have seen a lot of posts about shared objects across multiple servers but not seen a conclusive answer on how to achieve this and especially not on EC2 - does any one have something I could read up on please?

    Also I have seen figures around for how much throughput a wowza instance of various sizes will handle for streaming but does anyone know how many connections a Wowza server will take for chat/video communications?

    Any help is muchly appreciated.

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    Hi James and welcome to the forum.

    I don't think that anyone has done any definitive testing just using shared objects.

    Your best bet would be to fire up jconsole and monitor the running server and look at the cpu and memory usage. I am guessing with even a small instance on EC2 that you should be able to handle a few thousand connections no problem. I did a load test with a small live stream recently and 1000 connections on a small instance was fine. The limit on EC2 for streaming is the bandwidth.

    You cannot pass shared objects directly between servers but you could possibly synchronize them using some other method like an http call between them or a master client side app that connects to both servers and synchronizes the shared objects on both.

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    Great. thanks for the tips. Will let everyone know the results

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