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Thread: Best server publish configuration to use with VOD

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    Default Best server publish configuration to use with VOD


    We have our videos published using RTMP on port 1935. Some users can't see the videos because their firewalls dont have that port opened.

    What is the best configuration for all users? Using RTMP on port 80? Using http and not RTMP (on these configuration we loose performance?)?

    What port/protocol Youtube uses for their VOD stream?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Using port 80 on RTMP instead of 1935 might sometimes help.

    But using RTPMT (tunneling protocol) on port 80 or 443 is the most effective way of doing RTMP streaming in these circumstances.

    It is not a good idea to to RTMPT unless necessary. You can do protocol rollover:

    When dealing with these issues, it is a very good idea to always use port explicitly, even if it is default for a protocol. This prevents Flash from doing an internal protocol rollover which is slow and not in your control.

    Flash HTTP (Sanjose) streaming is another option. This uses HTTP to deliver video and audio chunks similarly to Smooth and Cupertino streaming. So this does not have any RTMP related issues. However there are few security options with Sanjose streaming. The tutorials cover configuration and playback of Sanjose streams.


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