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Thread: streaming multiple vod formats from a single source

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    Default streaming multiple vod formats from a single source

    This is my first post here so Hello Wowza community!

    I work for a company that provides video on demand content to users via flash player, and we want to extend support for html5 video elements, and if possible achieve this without keeping multiple formats of each video.

    On the Wowza 2 overview page, located here, it says that
    Wowza Media Server 2 unifies the any-screen H.264 streaming into a single workflow. This capability eliminates the need for multiple player-specific encoders and servers.
    First am I understanding this correctly? Does this mean that Wowza can take a single source file convert it into various formats and stream to various devices? Other posts on the forum lead me to believe that is only possible through the use of 3rd party plug ins. Also in the user guide I couldn't find information on how to stream in various formats from a single source further leading me to believe that I am misunderstanding the overview.

    If wowza can't do this natively what is a good plug in that can? If Wowza can do this, how is it done?

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    Take a look at the vod tutorial for example:

    There are steps that detail the necessary configuration and playback urls for Flash, RTSP, Silverlight (smooth streaming), Flash HTTP (Sanjose) and iOS (cupertino)

    Then look in the examples folder where Wowza is installed, look at the SimpleVideoStreaming example and you will see Flash, Flex, Silverlight, OSMF (for Flash HTTP) players. You can use VLC to test RTSP. You will need an iOS device or Safari on Mac OSX to test iOS.


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