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Thread: Video manipulation on the fly

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    Default Video manipulation on the fly

    I am developing a live streaming application which streams from files and a web cam interchangeably (it already works fine). I need to modify the stream on the fly by putting logo, running titles, etc on top of the content that I stream. And I really want to do it on the fly (i.e. in real time) so I cannot convert files in advance. I am going to use Xuggler for that. What is the right architecture to do it with Wowza? In other words: I cannot understand what is the right place for Xuggler inside Wowza?

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    As the encoder in this case it is outside Wowza.

    You can use Wowza Stream class streams to stream from files and live streams interchangeably, and output as live stream. Here are some links:

    And the Wowza transcoder has an overlay feature.


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