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Thread: EZDRM possible failure with Firefox and Safari on MAC

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    Question EZDRM possible failure with Safari on MAC or Win

    I tried using Wowza server 3, following as this guide
    however I have a strange behavior in Safari on MacOS and WIN

    In both cases regardless of the iframe tag content always plays as if the DRM will not work.

    For cases of Firefox Chrome for Mac or Win and Internet Explorer 8 theres no problem, the content is protected according your specifications

    Theres some adictional considerations for safari on MAC? I'm doing something wrong?

    Safari 5.1 (7534.48.3) runing on MAC lion
    always plays
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    It sounds like the module is not setup properly or you are not license to use the DRM module. I suggest you check the Wowza Server logs and look for error or warning messages.


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