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    Nice to have W3 finally launched.

    This has been talked about in the temporary W3 forums, but I can't find them anymore.

    There was some discussion of there being testing to determine whether going down the QuickSync route with a i7 2700K/Xeon E3-1275, or down the CUDA route would be better.

    Just wondering how far this testing has gone, and if there's any indication as to which will perform better and how much better.

    In general, (out of Transcoding), do you think multiple-server running on the quadcore sandy bridge processors will be able to handle a server running 500-1000 concurrent 500kbps streams ? Any kind of documentation or experience on what kind of equipment gives you what ?


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    Performance numbers will be posted in a few days. Look for an article to popup here:

    with a title like: Wowza Transcoder AddOn Performance Benchmark


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    We found QuickSync far exceeded CUDA, not only in quality, but in terms of concurrency. On our test i7 2600 we got 14 QuickSync transcodes (coupled with 14 CPU based encodes) vs just a few CUDA transcodes, and quicksync was visibly better quality (unsurprisingly). We found it was more resolution than bitrate that was the limiting factor with QuickSync. On quality alone (which isn't a Wowza issue, is a very interesting article on the quality) we would choose QuickSync over CUDA.

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    Thanks. sounds great.

    Hope this gets populated with more benchmarks, it'd go a long way towards making informed choices.

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