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Thread: Recording H264 video with Flash Player 11 to Wowza

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    Default Recording H264 video with Flash Player 11 to Wowza

    I looked around and didn't find a solution so I thought I would quickly ask here just in case.

    Currently I'm trying to record H264 video with Flash Player 11 to Wowza 3. When I do that, Wowza creates the file but it is unplayable in either quicktime or Flash. When I try to play it back through Wowza I get the following error nonstop in the jconsole:[2]: java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: File is missing 'moov' atom.

    I have yet to try with FMS but will just in case. Is this a known issue at all or has somebody properly recorded with Wowza from Flash Player 11 with H264 encoding?

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    I've just been able to confirm that it works just fine with FMS 4.5, exact same client code.

    So, this is a Wowza issue. How fast can this be fixed?

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    Can you send me a private message with your code and I will try to fix this for you


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    With H.264 and Speex you must record to an FLV file. We do not support recording to an MP4 file at this time. So be sure you are setup to record to FLV. Also, there is a chance the files you have already recorded are flv files and not MP4 file but have the incorrect extension. Either open them in a binary editor to look at the header of the file (you should see FLV in first few bytes if FLV file).


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    Ah, I see. I sent you a file anyways just for you to confirm. I'll try the FLV route and see how it goes.

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    I just tried to do this with FMS4.5 and it won't even record to an FLV container. Works with Wowza though.. I can't speak for if Adobe will get their software changed up but is there a way to get Wowza to be consistent?

    Funny thing is that FMS4.5 does not append a file extension to the file and adding it manually doesn't change a thing, can't be played in Quicktime and in fact, locks it up. I'm not sure what to make of it.. feels half baked.

    To conclude:
    1. Can't record to FLV on FMS4.5
    2. Can record to FLV on Wowza
    3. Can't play back a recording done by Wowza, even though it does create a file
    4. Can't play back a recording manually of a file created by FMS but can play it back through FMS as an MP4 file (specifying mp4: in the play() method

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    #3 Should note that it only applies for mp4 files

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    It wasn't clear if you used NellyMoser or Speex for the audio. Here is some Actionscript for setting the Microphone to use Speex, in case you need it:

    microphone.rate = 11;
    microphone.codec = SoundCodec.SPEEX;
    microphone.encodeQuality = 5;
    microphone.framesPerPacket = 2;


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    Thanks Richard. I hadn't set it to such a granular level (used defaults whatever they are), but yes, definitely using Speex at the moment.

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