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Thread: Higher bitrate VLC encoder

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    Default Higher bitrate VLC encoder

    Hello, I am having some issues with the higher bitrate VLC encoder (refering to the VLC command line in this article: )

    I am setting up an online TV. Let's say there are 2 channels: CH1 and CH2.

    I created 2 live applications: CH1_Live and CH2_Live applications.
    Each application has its own mpegts stream: and
    Each stream has different port number.

    I run 2 VLC windows applications. One for encoding CH1_Live and the other one is for CH2_Live. So... is streaming sample.mp4 (cartoon movie) is streaming Extremists.m4v (extreme sport movie)

    Everything works fine with the low bit rate VLC.

    When I tried the higher bit rate VLC, things starts getting weird. Sometimes CH1 is fine but CH2 shows green screen. Sometimes both channels show green screen.

    Is there any specific area that I might have forgotten ?

    By the way, my license is still developer license (2.2.4). Could it be that my license has already expired or higher bit rate is not supported in developer license ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    It is probably an issue with bandwidth between VLC and Wowza, the uplink. Try with one stream instead of both. And/or try reducing the bitrate but not other settings.

    If you still get green, try changing profile back to "baseline" to see if that is the factor.

    It's not an issue with developer license.


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