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Thread: Wowza 3 Developer: Unable to fully test

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    I set up Wowza 3 with the developer license on one of our servers so I could test it before upgrading our Wowza 2 server. I am unable to test sending a stream to Wowza 3 due to the licensing limit of only one incoming stream.

    Here's where I think the fault is: Our setup uses the Server Listener Stream Publisher and the streamschedule.smil from the wms-plugin-collection.jar. This also doesn't work correctly either due to the publishing limit.

    I'm guessing that the above plugin is causing Wowza to think there are many incoming connections.

    I would really like to test Wowza 3 before committing to it on our production server. Maybe the only way is to try the 30 day trial.

    I need to test our new encoder known as "BigVEncoder" with Wowza 3. It works great with Wowza 2. This will be direct competition for Adobe's FMLE product and will also be a free download. It does much more than FMLE and has versions for Windows and Linux, both 32 and 64 bit.


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    Just a quick followup...

    I decided to "go for it" and upgraded our production server to Wowza 3 and everything seems to be working fine. I've been testing the new encoder and Wowza 3 accepts it just like it's supposed to. I just wish I could use the development license on Wowza 3 for testing new stuff, though, but I can't. I have to use Wowza 2 for testing purposes.


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