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Thread: StreamNameAlias problem and Alias for iOS streams

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    Default StreamNameAlias problem and Alias for iOS streams

    I set up my file for my test liverepeater configuration as follows:

    The stream works fine, but only if the stream name exist.

    I ran a stream named 'myStream', and connected it to the LiveVideoStreaming example:
    Server: rtmp://localhost/liveedge
    Stream: myStream
    That works fine.

    But when I try to type 'myStream2' (or other non-exist stream name) as the stream name it just gets the server into some kind of a loop instead of showing an error.

    How can I fix this?

    And how can I create an Alias for iOS streams?


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    You can use the file to list your valid streams. Remove the default line which plays anything.

    For each stream, add 2 lines.

    For ios streams to automatically startup, you need to set the LiveStreamPacketizers to cupertinostreamingrepeater on the edge servers and cupertinostreamingpacketizer on the origin server. This will cause the edge server to fetch the stream from the origin if it is not already running.

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    Regarding the first question: I want it to be dynamically and not per-stream, because I'll have a lot of streams with different names - So I don't think a txt file will achieve that.

    And regarding the iOS streaming in LiveRepeater: I did what you said, but I still can't get the stream to work in the edge. The URL I'm using is: http://localhost:1935/liveedge/_defi.../playlist.m3u8

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    Hi chieff7,

    Could you explain more about what you want to do dynamically? You could take a look at the source from the StreamNameAlias file and see if you can adapt it to your needs.

    Regarding the edge issue. Start trying to narrow things down. Doublecheck the documentation in the Loadbalancer zip file. Test that you can communicate between servers on ports 1934/1935.
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