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Thread: "Redirecting" users from one application to another

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    Default "Redirecting" users from one application to another

    I'd like to have an application which simply redirects all incoming requests to another application, or is simply an alias to another application.

    For my current setup, I need to have users which are requesting 'rtmp://server/broadcast' be redirected or have it aliased to 'rtmp://server/live'.

    Is this possible in Wowza 3?

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    Hi rfkrocktk,

    You can setup a play alias using the StreamNameAlias module:

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    I'm actually looking to alias application names, not necessarily stream names.

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    Have a look at the load-balancer functionality here,
    This has the redirect code built in so a quick scan for the correct lines of code you need and job done.

    This works in Wowza 2.x as well


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    So I could simply bounce users from /broadcast to /live? I've set up load balancing before, but is there a way to simply bounce users to another application without having to set up the entire load-balancing setup with server listeners and the like?

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    If you are using Flash clients you can tell them to switch by using IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg to send a message to all clients, then you can re-connect in the client. This is the only way to do that. Take a look at ServerSideModules example that ships with Wowza for a working example.


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    If you want to do it when the connect there is also the redirect method for rtmp, although the client must support it.


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