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Thread: Live stream with transcoder but not working in iphone

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    Default Live stream with transcoder but not working in iphone

    Hi all,
    We have installed and taken 30 days trial licence for Wowza server 3.0 version and installed on 64 bit centos system.
    We have configured live application.xml and transcoder as well as per the given thread and help for transcoder.
    We have used videochat application to capture video and trying to do live streaming in iphone.
    we have put the streamname like this.
    Stream name: 1livestream

    And we are checking the live stream in iphone as follows.

    But we are getting following errors.
    TranscodingSession.handlePacket[live/_definst_]: Audio codec is not supported by transcoder. Can only be used as PassThru: NELLYMOSER

    TranscodingSession.handlePacket[live/_definst_]: Video codec is not supported by transcoder. Can only be used as PassThru: SPARK

    LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.handlePacket[live/_definst_/1livesteam]: Video codec:SPARK isCompatible:false

    LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.handlePacket[live/_definst_/1livesteam]: Audio codec:NELLYMOSER isCompatible:false

    LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.handleHolder: Invalid video codec for iPhone/iPod: SPARK

    LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.handleHolder: Invalid audio codec for iPhone/iPod: NELLYMOSER

    We have followed this link for transcoder as well.

    How can we transcode this codecs to h264 to support iphone livestream?
    Please provide help for this.
    Our main purpose is to capture video from webpage so we have used videochat to get the stream, we have tested FMLE for streaming and it is working fine, but from webpage we are not able to get it working,

    Please provide me help for this.
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    If you use Flash 11, you will be sending the video anyway in H.264 and may not even need to transcode it.
    And the audio needs to be AAC or mp3 and I believe that Flash 11 outputs AAC (not 100% sure)
    info listed here,


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    Actually, AAC is not supported for publishing from Flash. You can use Speex audio, then use Wowza 3 Transcoder to transcode to AAC.

    Here is how to set the Microphone up for Speex:

    microphone.rate = 11;
    microphone.codec = SoundCodec.SPEEX;
    microphone.encodeQuality = 5;
    microphone.framesPerPacket = 2;
    You will use "PassThru" for the video and "AAC" for the audio in the your transcoder template.


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    Hello Richard ,

    I have a similar problem as maxhbp204 ie "CupertinoPacketHandler.handleHolder[test/_definst_/xyzstream]: Invalid video codec for iPhone/iPod: SPARK".
    I am trying to stream content from a Flex Mobile Air application ( v 4.6 ) to wowza and have also added a transcoder template following your suggestion as ,

    I am still getting no valid HLS output , however manifest.f4m works okay. Please suggest any more settings / code that I may have to implement to get video stream from Flex to wowza to safari playing successfully .

    Thankyou , awaiting your response

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    You'll need to set the video codec portion to H.264 if supported, as SPARK will not work for HLS. The transcocder itself does not support converting over from SPARK to H.264 either.
    Hopefully there's an option in the Air Application that allows this?


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