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Thread: Wowza 3 VOD Security

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    Question Wowza 3 VOD Security

    Hi All,

    I am setting up a VOD website where people can pay a monthly subscription to watch informative videos inside of a protected "members area." My top priority is protecting these videos from the "outside world" as much as possible, but I'm over my head and need help. A lot of time and care has been put into making these videos and I don't want to lose that value to piracy.

    Phase 1 is Flash delivery, my focus with this post.

    I am looking at: VOD / Multi-Bitrate .mp4 / JWFlash Player Pro

    I made a security options list after reading the tutorials and scoping the forum:

    -Secure Token
    -URL Obfuscation
    -Hotlink Denial
    -SWF Protection
    -File name masking
    -htaccess control

    What is the recommended security workflow for scenarios like mine?

    Also, to speed up the process, whats the best way to find a pro who can help me on a project/pay basis?

    Thanks a bunch as always!
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    The best thing you can do from here is to e-mail a ticket to asking for a list of consultants who can help you in this matter. make a link to this thread for reference.


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    Thanks Jason, will do.

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    Hi! can you help me with your issue, i have the same needs!

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    Please send a request for the consultants list to


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