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Thread: How to choose right encoder?

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    Default How to choose right encoder?

    Hi all!

    We've got a problem about compability betweeen cisco encoder 1100 and Wowza2. Ofc 1100 can give H.264, but we can't get this H.264 by Wowza. Our solution is VLC-encoder that get H.264 from Cisco 1100 and give it to Wowza... But this final scheme is unwieldy.

    We know about vbrick solutions declaring about compability between Wowza and Vbrick encoders.

    I think vbrick is ok solution but it's hard to find this encoders from our location.

    So my question: have you guys experience (or mb some documents) about encoders, that can support direct interaction with Wowza except vbrick's solutions?

    Thank you and my apologies for my ugly english! (I'm working on it :)

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    Before you switch encoders you might try this same encoder with Wowza Server 3. Instructions are here:

    If at first the stream does on not work try the suggested RTP/Properties audioIsAligned, videoIsAligned to see if that clears up the issue.

    The MPEG-TS handling in Wowza Server 3 has been improved.


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    Thank you for your response, Charlie!

    Organization that experiences problems with compatibility Cisco E1100, had big problems with installation and customization of their actual Wowza.

    So it seems that installation of Wowza3 (at least for now) isn't an option for them .

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    There are a ton of great encoder options. Send email to asking that question and we can send a list.


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