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Thread: Restreaming rtmp stream- fails after some time.

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    Default Restreaming rtmp stream- fails after some time.

    I referred the following doc to setup restream an rtmp stream from flash media server

    I start the stream on wowza using stream manager and I can get the rtmp, rtsp and ios output streams. But after some time(30-40 mins), the stream stops. In this case I need to restart wowza or re-publish the stream again using streammanager to bring back the output streams. I am using wowza version 3. My application is not configured to use wowza transcoder. Have any idea why this happens. Please advise. Thank you.

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    You can enable ModuleMediaCasterStreamMonitorAdvanced to more closely monitor and reset streams:


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    Thanks Richard, I have tried it with increased timeout settings, though didnt seem to be more effective.The page says its used with native-RTP or MPEG-TS encoder streams. Will this work well, as my case is restreaming an rtmp stream ?

    My doubts/observations:

    1)I can see in wowza logs that the published stream (via streammanager) gets reset even without "ModuleMediaCasterStreamMonitorAdvanced". Though those resets too, didnt seem to work well.

    2)When the wowza output stream become dead, what I do, is to stop the stream in streammanager, and then start again. And then the stream comes again.

    3)I was wondering why the wowza output stream goes dead. Does it happen when the source rtmp stream become slow/idle for some time ?

    4)when I increased the streamtimeout value from 12000 to 25000 in "liverpeater" section of $wowzaconf/MediaCasters.xml, (I am using mediacaster type "liverepeater") then the stream has become more durable for 4-5 hours(or even more).

    Please advise and correct me if I miss anything. Thank you.

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    The monitor does work with liverepeater if installed on the edge application. It should take the place of you restarting in StreamManager.

    Sounds like you have done much good changing the timeout setting.


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