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Thread: Tuning guide stil up to date?

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    Default Tuning guide stil up to date?

    Hi all,

    i know in wowza 3 not much of the core changed from wowza 2 to 3, but java changed alot during all this releases. Im not sure how the changes which are mentioned here:

    affect the performance when using as example a java 7 environment (when it comes to the garbage handler as example) or for the network related changes.

    But i assume it is stil best practice to follow those guide correct?

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    Yes, follow the guide, it is being kept up to date. We recommend Java/JDK 1.7x now


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    and it is no typo to set as example if i have only a quadcore processor (so 4 Cores only):

    HostPort/ProcessorCount to 8 right?

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    Yes, it is still best practice to follow the existing Tuning Guide - for Wowza Media Server 2 and Wowza Media Server 3.


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    From the article: "The [total-core-count] refers to the total number of cpu cores in your server. For example if you have dual quad core processors (two quad core processors) the [total-core-count] is: 2x4 = 8"

    So, if you have just one quad-core processor the calculation is: 1x4 = 4

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    No see thats why i asked.

    The descriptions says:

    The [total-core-count] refers to the total number of cpu cores in your server.

    but then further down the tuning parameters say:

    HostPort/ProcessorCount: 2x[total-core-count]

    so from my impressions that tells me if i have 4 cores i need to set that to 8, as 2x 4 cores is 8.

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    Sorry, yes, you are right. And so these would be set like so:

    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/UnicastIncoming/ProcessorCount: 4
    RTP/DatagramConfiguration/UnicastOutgoing/ProcessorCount: 8

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