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Thread: Reason for slow RTMP streaming?

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    Default Reason for slow RTMP streaming?

    We've got a brand-new Windows Web Server 2008 R2 machine with 8GB RAM and a quad-core CPU running Wowza Media Server 3.0.2 with a development license. It's currently on a DSL connection until we pick a dedicated provider. Streaming MP4 videos offsite is painfully slow with only one client; it takes 20+ seconds just to start, and then the audio and video drops out like every two or three seconds. The videos were encoded with Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and they're 640x360.

    I'm trying to figure out where the bottleneck is; I know the development licensed version of Wowza isn't tuned for production, but I don't think it should be this slow. From the General Performance Tuning thread, I've tried using JDK 1.7u1 x64 -server version and turning off TCP autotuning, but nothing seems to change. CPU and network utilisation are next to nothing while while streaming to the client.

    Can anyone help?


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    Bandwidth is the usual limiting factor. The uplink is probably not great.

    Make sure server is tuned (tho won't help with slow throughput):


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    Yeah, that definitely appears to be the case. Works great on the LAN.


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    We had the same issue and had to switch hosting because their network was so wonky. Make sure you get someone using a good provider, such as Level 3 here in the US.

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