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Thread: Multiple live transcodes

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    Default Multiple live transcodes

    I am considering a system that would use 5 multicast UDP streams of Standard Definition MPEG-2 video at about 8Mbps each. I realize it is early days yet to determine the performance of the transcoder. But, is it reasonable to imagine being able to ingest all 5 streams simultaneously into a single Wowza server? I would transcode them all to adaptive bit rate streams for distribution to the usual plethora of clients.

    If this is even practical, would it require a particularly powerful server class system?

    Does Sandy Bridge accelerate MPEG-2 transcodes?

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    Yes, Sandy Bridge accelerated hardware can be used for MPEG-2 transcoding. Wowza Transcoder performance benchmark numbers in this article,

    Server specification information can be found here,

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    So, any thoughts on how those benchmarks would scale with higher data rate sources? The tests were all done at 3Mbps HD, which for MPEG2 is going to be pretty poor. My sources will be 8Mbps SD. Intuition tells me that the process of transcoding first involves decoding the MPEG2 stream back to full resolution, and then recompressing it again. So, the difference between data rates on the source side would only affect how much work the CPU has to do to decode the stream, and that the re-encoding process would be independent of the source data rate. Does that make sense?

    Do we have any idea how much of the CPU load corresponds to the MPEG-2 decode?

    Also, since my source material is interlaced, does the transcode do good de-interlacing? How CPU intensive is that?

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