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Thread: Transcoding on other node and push back to origin?

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    Default Transcoding on other node and push back to origin?


    my origin server does not have much powerfull hardware at the moment. Is it possible that i can transcode on a edge (which i have a few with good cpu power) and republish the stream to the origin so that all edges can pick it up?

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    You can make that edge an origin to your "origin". It's all just applications, remember, not actually dedicated server roles, even tho we say "origin server" and "edge server".


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    yeah? so how does that work configuration wise.

    at the moment i have a origin server configured with type live-record in the application "live" where my broadcasters connect to as example. All my edges connect to that that live application requesting the stream (they run as liverepeater-edge with a application also called edge). So what would i need todo as example to have one stream transcoded on another server and make it available to all other edges too even if the user streams to my live application on the weak system?

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    Again, it's just application configuration:

    Forget about what you have in place now, you said you want something else, configure that


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