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Thread: Encoder pushing rtp stream

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    Default Encoder pushing rtp stream

    I have been trying to use an encoder to push a rtp stream into Wowza but I'm receiving the error below ~every 3 seconds:
    PacketizerMPEGTS.handleRTPPacket: Out of sync: 0x80
    I Found a post that stated to try a different AV sync method, I tried all 3 types and still received the same error.

    My setup works fine with another encoder manufacturer pushing an rtp stream into Wowza.

    I was hoping there was a configurable item I could change to fix the error above or is it something the encoder is doing wrong when it creates the rtp stream.


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    I am also having this exact problem, I think I'm missing something very basic though.
    The encoder I'm trying is the Epiphan VGA2WIFI frame grabber, which can an RTP stream supposedly using MPEG-4 or h.264 codecs, no mention of MPEG-TS. It also has the option of sending the audio and video streams to different ports, and the option to do "h.264 slicing". (Complete noob here in case you were wondering.)

    Should I expect to see an option to encode/send MPEG-TS, and consider the device incompatible if not? Also, are there other RTP depacketizers available aside from MPEG-TS? I've followed the instructions here , and I can include my Application.xml if that helps.

    Thanks much!

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    Use h.264.

    Don't use h.264 slicing

    It doesn't sound like mpegts encoder. Does it generate an SDP file? If so, follow this guide:


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