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Thread: How to delay acceptConnection call for client object in onConnect

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    Default How to delay acceptConnection call for client object in onConnect

    Throughout my testing it seems that unless you explicitly reject the connection, a client connecting to an app has the connection accepted.

    I would like to delay that and wait until I get a response back for a web service call before allowing the client to connect. Is there a way to do that?

    For example, in FMS you would just not call acceptConnection on the client object and the client would go into limbo until you told that client object specifically to connect up. That only happens if you declare the onConnect method in the main.asc file. I would like to mimic that behaviour so I can wait for the response to come back from the web server with the information I need for further processing of the client.

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    There is not a way to do this in Wowza Server. You must either accept or reject in onConnect. You cannot delay until later.


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    Thanks Charlie. I'm glad somebody else is up at ridiculous hours as I am working on a billion and one things.

    Anyways, I would like to respectfully toss in a feature request then. Is it even possible to implement something like that? I realize there aren't so many use cases.. but it can be handy. Good for security.

    Turns out in my case that the server side runs on one thread.. so it was waiting for the response anyways to come back before moving forward in the onConnect code.

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