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    I am new to Wowza. I have a project where I need to have a solution that can deliver a stream to up to 7,000 people. Which server(s) would I need to fulfill this project. Right now I currently have this configuration

    Single Quad-Core E3-1230
    4Cores x 3.2Ghz w/ HT
    4GB DDR3 ECC RAM 1333MHz
    2x500GB SATA2 7200RPM Drives
    Hardware RAID 0

    What do I need to have to make this project run right?

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    It is important to not only consider the server requirements, but also bandwidth. For example, if those 7,000 people are all concurrent then you'll need to either run multicast (LAN only, generally) or have enough bandwidth to send each person a unicast stream. Assuming a 2Mbps source file, you would need 14,000Mbps or 14Gbps of available bandwidth. Assuming you have only one 1Gbps network card in each system, you would require at minimum 14 servers to run this stream (although I would throw in a few extras as you're not going to get true 1Gbps out of each server).

    These numbers change based on your bitrate and streaming requirements. For example if you're multicasting over your LAN then your requirements go down. Of course that limits you to people able to pick up your multicast, so usually only the same subnet you're on (completely depends on your infrastructure).

    I think you'll find you run out of bandwidth far before you run out of CPU/RAM, etc... Unless you're running things like the live transcoder.



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    Right now it looks like the original source will be broadcasted at around 512kb. Also all external streams and no multicast available.

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    Doing the math for you that's 4 servers and if you are a new wowza customer you will need to read the tutorials for the type of stream you wish to publish here,
    feel free to read through the forums, articles and ask questions


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    You can also run on one large server if you have enough bandwidth. (~4Gbps)

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