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Thread: Logging to a MySQL Database only some events

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    Question Logging to a MySQL Database only some events


    I'd like to know if it is possible to log on a MySQL database only some events.
    I've followed the istructions to log everything to a MySQL database ( and it works great.
    I want to use a database to better manage statistics about listeners, so, if I'm not wrong, probably I need only the records for "PLAY" and "STOP" events.
    Is there a way to config wowza to log to the database only some events and not all the events?
    Or have you got another solutions to suggest to me?
    Thanks a lot, sorry for my poor English.


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    Looking at the log4j file I've seen this directive:


    It's working, now on the db I don't see any comment message.
    Is it possible to add more events on the exclusion?


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    Yes, just separate them by commas. Here's a list of events:

    # Event list
    #connect-pending,connect,disconnect,publish,unpublish,play,pause,setbuffertime,create,destroy,setstreamtype,u npause, seek,stop,record,recordstop,server-start,server-stop,vhost-start,vhost-stop,app-start,app-stop,comment,announce

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    Thanks Randall,

    I've just set the events on the log4j file, but I've seen a problem with the streaming service.
    Today, with the MySQL logging function, our server was serving only 200 listeners when usually it works with more than 500.
    I've tried to force some users to go to this server (we have a player able to redirect users).
    The server has reached 400 listeners but after few seconds on the console I have seen many disconneting messagges and it's returned to serve 150 users.
    Now I've removed the MySQL logging function, and now the server is working as usual with 400 users.
    Probably logging to a MySQL server is a very heavy operation.
    What do you think?
    Any experience?



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    We don't recommend database logging. It definitely adds overhead, and if a connection breaks due to network or other problem, db logging does not recover. If you need logs in a database it would be better to find a way to import from the log files.

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    Thanks Richard,

    I'll follow your recommendation.
    Please, just another information.
    Can I use log4j file to create another daily text log file with logged only few events and few fields?
    I'd like to keep the original log file, and to create a second log smaller (few events) with less fields on each row.
    Is it possible? Could it adds overhead to the server?


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    You can do it by copying the access appender and changing name and other variables, and make your settings. All logging adds some overhead, keep in mind


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    thank you


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