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Thread: How to get nDVR to work with VLC streaming

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    Default How to get nDVR to work with VLC streaming


    I am using Quicktime Broadcaster to stream from webcam to nDVR.

    So, the location used in my Quicktime broadcaster is rtsp://localhost:1935/dvr/myStream.sdp

    I can start the stream recording just fine using the below URL :


    Now I want to replace the Quicktime broadcaster with VLC to stream. I have checked out other discussion topics and used the below command to do so in VLC:

    /Applications/ qtcapture:// --sout="#transcode{venc=x264{keyint=60,profile=baseline,level=3.0,nocabac},vcodec=x264,vb=150,scale=0. 5,acodec=mp4a,ab=96,channels=2,samplerate=48000}:rtp{dst=,port=10000,mux=ts}"

    Although, this has started my Webcam, I cant figure out how to proceed to receiving stream. How to specify the rtsp location and stream name ?
    Should I be doing anything with the Wowza stream manager ? I did not have to when used Quicktime broadcaster

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    Follow this tutorial to re-stream the output of this VLC command:

    Before working with nDVR, test the stream with /examples/LiveVideoStreaming/client/live.html


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    Hi Richard,

    I have followed the tutorial. I am able to get both live streaming and nDVR with Quicktime broadcaster.
    But, I still cannot figure what command I have to use in VLC to capture webcam and live stream to Wowza. I need to basically replace Quicktime broadcaster that I am currently using for live streaming to VLC.

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