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Thread: How many GPU Card can install

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    Default How many GPU Card can install

    Dear all

    I have a issue , How many GPU Card can install on server for Trancode .
    Because I want to use two or more GUP card to trancode Live Source to Multi bitrate Smooth Stream .

    thank you

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    We have developed the transcoder to work with more than one CUDA card but we have not tested it yet. You do have to directly address the specific card you wish to use in your transcoder template. It will not automatically load balance between the cards. The setting was left out of the provided transcode.xml and transrate.xml templates (we will add these back in). Add the following XML snippet to each of the <Encode> sections of your transcoder template just below the <Transcoder>CUDA</Transcoder> section:

    It will look like this:

    Change the GPUID value to the GPU you wish to target for this encode. The cards are indexed starting at zero. For example to index the second CUDA card it would be:


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    Hi charlie

    We have tested on my LAB that use 2 Nvidia 2070 GPU Card , It's Work .

    Thank you

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    Great, thanks for the info.


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