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Thread: Viewer Counts in San Jose streaming

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    Default Viewer Counts in San Jose streaming


    Good news, I have gotten Live Dynamic streaming to work with Strobe Media Playback using a F4M manifest path and SMIL file.

    I am doing a simple 2 bitrate encode in FMLE using %i for xx1 & xx2 for each bitrate.

    When I go to: http://WowzaServer:8086/connectioncounts?flat

    Stats show 0 for each xx1 & xx2 ; and 1 (my test client) connected to the .SMIL.

    Is there a way to find out if the client(s) is/are connected to the xx1/xx2 bitrate w/ SJ streaming ?

    We obviously want to find out the rate at which "HD" streaming is being consumed.


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    I believe that this may solve your problem,
    The output is slightly different but may solve your problem.


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