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Thread: Some questions/information before buying.

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    Default Some questions/information before buying.


    We're building a little site where users register with us an can from their homes stream videos live (tutorials, classes, etc...) or just see the videos being emitted by others.

    We have analyzed the different multimedia servers (red5, FSM, etc...) and have decided to go with wowza.

    At this moment we are a bit lost, and would like someone to answer some little questions we have about the software. This are:

    1) The app that emits/receives emission must be coded by us? We need the broadcasting app (the one that emits) to be embeded in the private user home page to let him start emitting and a receiver app (viewer). From other sites I have seen it seems to ussually be a flash app.

    2) As I said before we will have a bd of users. Is it possible to know if a user is emitting at a certain moment in time?

    3) How is the viewer-emisor pairing done? I mean, the broadcasting app must emit and the viewer has to pair to this stream through a hash token or whatever that identifies the stream. This token should be passed to the viewer app when embeding the viewer app to let it know from what stream it must read.

    Sorry if questions are not as clear as I would like them to be. If anyone needs any further information, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
    Joan Marc. EOS CEO.

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    Could not anyone please give any information/confirmation about the previous questions? It would be a really import information for us.

    Thanks in advance.
    Joan Marc.EOS CEO.

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    A very simple VideoChat example ships with Wowza, in the /examples folder where Wowza is installed. It only shows the fundamentals that you ask about, and does not have much that is necessary for a production chat app. There is a Flex example here that takes it a step or two further to track users.

    If you want to develop your own, those examples are a good starting place. The next step would be authentication, here are two options:

    All 4 of these third party companies offer useful products with pre-built video chat environments.
    * ChatBlazer (part of Pendulab)
    * Flashcoms
    * AVChat
    * Cyberxess


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