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Thread: video playing in less than real time speed

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    Default video playing in less than real time speed


    I have four video encoders that serve rtsp streams. All of them seem to have the exact sames settings and yet a .stream file played through our website associated with encoder A seems to run in slow speed.
    wowzas .stream files associated with Encoders B C D all seem to play fine.

    Also, if I watch the video from the encoder's own webpage (so by passing wowza), the video plays fine.

    I am wondering how to troubleshoot this.

    Everything is running on the local lan, so network bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.

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    To trouble shoot this I would start by getting VLC out to test the streams directly.
    When you have the stream(s) that are running slow open : Tools > Codec Information.
    This should tell you a bit more about what the problem might be.

    As B, C & D are working fine I think this may be a problem with your config on encoder A.


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    I believe that the metadata filter set in the application.xml is not fully filtering out the metadata. The encoder I sue has the option (set true by default) to include metadata in the rtsp stream. this data is used to provide information about the video analytics running.

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