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Thread: How to know which bitrate the user use

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    Smile How to know which bitrate the user use

    Hi ,

    How do i find the bitrate information in the wowza access log when encoder set multibitrate and wowza server is the orgin-edge architecture.

    Beacause I want to know the number of each bitrate the user use.


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    you should see log lines like this:

    encoder-video-start	transcoder	INFO	200	myStream	{name:"Test2", bitrate:512000, codec:H264, profile:66, level:31, frameSize:840x680, displaySize:840x680, frameRate:15.0}
    There is also a log line for encoder-audio-start.


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    I didn't see the log lines as you mention, I don't know if the reason is that we use the smil file for multi stream ?

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    You should see this when the encoder starts if it is outputting video. Otherwise, there is some problem. Is there any message saying that Transcoder is not supported on that machine for any reason?

    If you haven't figured this out, zip up conf and logs and transcoder folders and send them to Include a link to this thread for reference


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    Hi Richard,

    Our wowza version is don't use the transcoder of wowza 3.


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    In multi-bitrate streaming a client can switch bitrates continuously. So there is not one bitrate per user, and the switches are not logged at present and there no hooks in the API to know when switching happens. You can find the total sc-bytes was per connection or session in the logs


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