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Thread: RTSP re-streamer

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    Default RTSP re-streamer

    Hi all,

    I use wowza media server 3.0.3 as RTSP re-streamer. The scheme is not
    quite simple so I will try to explain it. We have h264 encoders in
    Sofia and Wowza media servers in USA. Connection between h264 encoder
    in Sofia and wowza servers in USA is via RTSP. At the moment we need
    about 20 Mbps to deliver all encoded channels to USA, because all
    services for encoded live channels are started. To reduce that bandwidth can we start wowza
    service for live channel on client request only? Can you help me with configuration of
    that kind of re-stream.

    Here is part of my conf/Server.xml




    <!-- Stream prefix. Valid values are: flv and mp4 -->
    <!-- MediaCaster type. Valid values are: rtp,
    rtp-record, shoutcast, shoutcast-record, liverepeater -->

    <!-- Pipe (|) delimited list of file extensions for
    which to search -->


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    I think I know were you are coming from here and I think the best way to do this is to set your config to pull the stream from your encoder when a client connects. This can be done by adjusting your current settings by taking out :


    <BaseClass>com.wowza.wms.serverlistener.ServerList enerStartupStreamsMonitor</BaseClass>

    There is a down-side to this method if you don't have a flash connection active, iOS devices have a time out issue however you will save on bandwidth costs and if you have a client watching the same channel from a flash player there shouldn't be any time out issues.


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    To reduce that bandwidth can we start wowza service for live channel on client request only?
    For this requirement, the best solution is to use StreamType "rtp-live", and only use Flash RTMP clients for playback. You can't do this if you are doing HTTP streaming like Cupertino to iOS, the only way it is workable is if you only have Flash RTMP clients


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