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Thread: Apply DRM solution of vendor to Secure Stream

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    Question Apply DRM solution of vendor to Secure Stream


    I'm making the web server application that is dedicated iOS Phone/Pad and available Apple HTTP Live Streaming.
    So, understandably, I am interested in the Wowza Media Systems and have been tested positive it through trial edition.

    Now I was looking a method for changing the output stream because our server have to use the our DRM Solutions.
    The Wowza support the internal method for secure stream of video on demand stream, I know that. It is used the AES-128 encryption method, but I hope that there is applied our encryption method.

    I want to use the our DRM solution instead of the AES-128 encryption.
    Or before a stream out from the server I want to change this output stream(*.ts, *.m3u8). Here, the overhead to stream is really slight.

    Is there any way we can get it?

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    I will have sales follow up with you.


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