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Thread: Choppiness with Android client, multi-bitrate streaming with rstp

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    Default Choppiness with Android client, multi-bitrate streaming with rstp

    We are attempting to stream using a live stream with rstp, and the audio is coming through fine but the video pauses frequently/is choppy. We have followed the recommendations on rstp streaming, and the same client works well with the test streams here

    Here is the latest attempt, from our transrate.xml:

    <!-- H.264, PassThru -->
    <!-- default, CUDA, QuickSync -->
    <!-- letterbox, fit-width, fit-height, crop, stretch, match-source -->
    <!-- <Crop>0,0,0,0</Crop> -->
    <!-- <SourceRectangle>0,0,320,240</SourceRectangle> -->
    <!-- horiz: left, right, hcenter - vert: top, bottom, vcenter -->
    <!-- AAC, PassThru -->

    As I mentioned we have tweaked these settings a few times, with no success. The source stream is h.264 at 1Mb/sec. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    How exactly are you doing your encoding? Baseline Level 3.0, 2sec Keyframe, 15fps? You could play with your encoding and see if it helps. It looks like you're doing 30fps. Might want to lower this and your keyframe interval accordingly.

    How are the results when you run a BWCheck from the Android device? I have seen wild fluctuations in bandwidth over 3G from 5kbps-500kbps, which could explain this issue.

    How does the stream play when you use RTMP with the Wowza LiveStreamingClient example from the Android device?

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    Thanks for the reply. The streaming works much better using rtmp. I don't see an fps setting in transrate.xml - do you know if we can change that with the Wowza transcoder? We were getting the pausing even with a high-bandwidth wireless connection.

    - Grant

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