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Thread: seek to end problem with Wowza/ JW 5.7 (flash rtmpe) combination

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    Default seek to end problem with Wowza/ JW 5.7 (flash rtmpe) combination

    I'm posting this to both JW and Wowza forums to see if anybody has a suggestion. I have an adaptive bitrate presentation that I'm streaming with Wowza to JW 5.7 via rtmpe.

    If I grab the seek bar in JW player and slide all the way to the right, I frequently get buffering and then a stop after a long period (30 sec. to 2 minutes) of inactivity.

    For a file that was detected by quicktime as having a duration of 5653.62 seconds (1:34:13.62) , the seek event to the far right that didn't complete had (corrected to seconds) x-spos of 5652.309 and the "stop" that followed 34 sec later had x-spos of 5653.82.

    Do you have any suggestions or theories as to why some files don't just "stop" or play for a short burst and stop?

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    I would compare with Wowza SimpleVideoStream player with one of the streams in the set, and compare RTMPE with RTMP.


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