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Thread: liv streaming and no stream => push image ?

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    Default liv streaming and no stream => push image ?


    I would like to know if WMS is able to detect and react when a stream is not received by it ?
    I explain :
    1) I'm pushing video stream from a FMLE
    2) WMS receive this stream and delivers it to users (in my case on webpage with flash player "flowplayer")
    3) if I stop FMLE, users get last video frame in their browser
    4) if I restart FMLE, video restarts and users are happy because video restarts on their webpage without any "click"

    now what I would like is between 3) and 4) : is it possible than WMS streams something when it receives nothing from FMLE, an image by example ... and when FMLE resends video, remove this image ?

    I already asked in flowplayer forum but that's not possible, so I try here :-)

    If you have an idea




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    Hello Nicolas,

    In your player you can display an image when the the player is stopped. e.g. in JWPlayer you set the image flashvar to the image of your choice.

    You could write a module to detect when a stream has stopped:

    Then you can use Bi-Directional Remote Procedure Calls to tell your player to display the image. See the Wowza User Guide page 43 at the time of this writing.

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