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    Is there any intention to add the ability to stream using MPEG-TS over HTTP as per the UK D-Book specification? In the case of VOD this is just regular progressive HTTP download and obviously easily achievable without Wowza. The difficulty arises for live streaming. We don't want iPhone/Silverlight/Flash HTTP streaming - we just want the stream to be outputted straight to http.

    Looking at the WebM demo here: this does look to be 90% of what we want, we want exactly that but with the output being H.264 / AAC audio in an MPEG-TS container.


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    I don't think there is any plan, at least not near-term plan, to do this.


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    Hi Richard
    I want to test WebM live streaming but demo page not working.
    can you help me about WebM live streaming setup ?
    thank you

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