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Thread: I try to run from my server and is not working live or ondemand

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    Lightbulb I try to run from my server and is not working live or ondemand

    I have Windows Server 2008 wowza 3.0.3 my server ip is:

    I start wowza on my server
    I try to run from my flash encoder: rtmp://
    and is not working
    I call the file on the computer on:
    I try to use the flash encoder 3.2 with those parameters
    Also I try to run the sample.mp4 from /content/ and is not..? java is installed, I got no error when I start a wowza server ?
    someone can help me ?
    Thank you
    J Alex

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    Follow the RTMP live tutorial:

    Also, the VOD tutorial:

    Your naming convention of calling the stream name "live.html" seems a little strange to me, since it is not an html file. I would call it something else.

    I tried to browse to your server: This should show your Wowza version in my browser, but it does not. This means that either your Wowza server was not running, or your firewall is blocking port 1935. Ensure that your firewall is not blocking the ports used by Wowza.

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