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Thread: BuyDRM with wowza

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    Default BuyDRM with wowza

    i could not find any plug-in or documentation for buydrm?
    where can i find it?

    according to these, there should be one :

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    We are still working with BuyDRM to provide full integration. It is not yet available as part of the Wowza DRM AddOn. We will provide an update when it is fully implemented. I don't have a set time frame for it yet.


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    We just wanted to add, if you want to deploy PlayReady with BuyDRM's KeyOS platform, you can also just use our included encryption tools to encrypt your media before publishing the content to your Wowza server. That's the most common method for publishing content.

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    Is there any updates for this topic?
    we need DRM with wowza...

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    We sent you an update by email. Please confirm by return email that you have received it.


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