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Thread: Web cam recording issue

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    Default Web cam recording issue


    We've created a webcam recording application with AS3 that uses a Wowza Amazon instance. From time to time we experience some problems regarding playback of the recorded stream. It does not happen that often, so it's kinda hard to point exactly what's causing the issue, but it happens and is of course not acceptable application wise.

    The recording flow:

    1. User allows camera and microphone
    2. A connection to the Wowza server is created
    3. User starts recording and publish is triggered on the record stream with type "record"
    4. User ends recording. Application waits for the buffer to clear on the net stream object before loading the stream.
    5. Playback of the recorded stream is triggered on a different net stream object but with the same connection as the recorder stream. This is where the strange things start to happen:

    I've recorded a video for let's say 40 seconds and I get the metadata back that the video has a duration of 1400 seconds(!). From here nothing happens since the stream somehow seem to be broken(?), however, if I seek to 1360 seconds the recorded stream starts playing. How is this even possible? Where did all that other "empty" seconds come from? Can it have something to do with the time from when the connection was established to when I actually start the publishing?

    Since I don't know exactly how this occur it makes it very hard to debug. So I'm trying my luck here - maybe somebody else experienced the same thing or could help me shed some light on this?

    quality: 90
    size: 640x480 (I know it's not optimal)

    codec: NellyMoser
    rate: 22

    Thanks in advance!

    Best redards

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    Test with the Wowza VideoRecording example, which uses NetStream.publish and StreamType "default"


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    So I found out what was causing the problem - I was attaching the camera to the recording NetStream object as soon as the connection was established to the server. By doing so the NetStream seem to send "empty" data to the server. So If the user was clicking "publish" first after 40 seconds, those previous 40 seconds was added to the stream, even if no actual video data was sent to the server. Weird behaviour, but I guess there is a reason for that.


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