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Thread: Mac OS camera -> RTSP -> Wowza

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    Default Mac OS camera -> RTSP -> Wowza

    Here's what I want to achieve:

    1. The source is the camera/microphone on my Mac laptop.
    2. The camera/mic from my laptop should be transmitted to a Wowza server. Right now it's just running on the same Mac, but eventually it will be a server somewhere else.
    3. Users will use a Flash player to connect to Wowza to see/hear the content from my Mac laptop. It would be nice if it also worked for iOS.

    1. What software should I use on the Mac to capture/transmit the camera/microphone? I've been messing around with VLC but I don't think I have it configured properly. I also took a look at EvoCam/EvoLV but I couldn't get it to work either.
    2. Which Wowza tutorial should I follow to re-broadcast those streams?

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    Apparently there is some problem with version 2.4.07? upgraded to that version and my players do not run on any blackberry please confirm it can be.
    I always worked my way radios rtsp://


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    Hi Heddhunter
    I think this is the one you need,

    Hi Netandino
    Have you added port 554 in the VHost.xml??


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    because as I say I had the 2.4.03 (patch3) and had it running all normal. Ie running multiple radios to see. Now all I did was upgrade to the new version 2.4.07 and do not currently run any kind of blackberry.

    rtsp: / / wowzaipaddres / stream / file and remember trabjo shoutcast relay mode in aacPlus v2 and I have open port 19325 and 554

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    Can you post the logs for me while you are trying to connect. this may give a clue on what the problem is, Thanks


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