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Thread: Transcode a list of file problem

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    Default Transcode a list of file problem


    I tried using Wowza Transcoder AddOn, it's very well. When I use VLC to broadcast a stream to Wowza with Trancader enabled, it runs perfect. But when I broadcast the next file, server shows:

    INFO server comment - JNI:VideoDecoderH264.updateDecodeInfo[global]: aspect:16x9 frame:1920x1080 display:1920x1080 frameRate:24

    and the player can't continue.

    *** If I wait a few seconds (about 6-10s) when firtst file play done (wowza shows destroy stream ....) every thing is ok when I start second file

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    Are you saying that when you stop the stream you don't see "stream destroy" for 6-10 seconds? When I stop the stream with FMLE I see "stream destroy" immediately and am able to start new streams immediately. You should try this with FMLE, and if you don't have the delay anymore, this would imply the problem is with your VLC encoding.

    Could you describe your encoding or post a link to an example file?

    Another possible solution: It seems you are creating live streams from VOD files and then transcode them. It would be better to transcode the files first, and then use a VOD application without doing Wowza transcoding.
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    Thank you

    I see that the problem happend with stream encoded only (.stream_360p,..240p,..), but the the orininal stream is still ok.

    I used vlc to trancode and encode (I want to play it in both web and iOS) without Wowza Trancoder AddOn, but the output stream is not smooth. They are two files I want to test

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    The encoding parameters should be identical. There is probably an abrupt change from one file to other that the Transcoder cannot handle.


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