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Thread: H.264 in MediaStream.addVideoData

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    Default H.264 in MediaStream.addVideoData

    I'm going to transform H.264 RTMP stream(Flash player 11) to RTP on Wowza side.
    Where can i found description of byte array, received in MediaSteream.addAudioData() ?

    I found this documentation:

    [1-byte header]
    [1-byte codec config indicator (1 - video data, 0 - codec config packet)]
    [3-byte time difference between dts and pts in milliseconds]
    [n-bytes video content or codec config data]

    Is this markup valid?
    What means [1-byte header] in this description?

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    We already support RTMP to RTSP/RTP, native RTP and MPEG-TS. There is no need to do this your self. RTSP/RTP is just built in and covered by teh streaming tutorials. Native RTP and MPEG-TS out are described here:

    Getting into the details on how the packets are formatted beyond what is documented in Publisher class javadocs is beyond free support.


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