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Thread: Transcoder A/V sync, audio drift over time.

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    Default Transcoder A/V sync, audio drift over time.


    i notice a problem that already seen on this forum, i have FMLE 3.2 with AAC 1.06, streaming directly to Wowza. watching directly from the server on iphone and samsung smartphone (RTSP) the stream works ok, but if i transcode the stream, audio drifts over time. 30 min streaming, audio drifts 1-2 seconds after video. on Flash works ok! it seems that this technology have audio drift compensation. But the point is, can the transcoder be more precisely on timecodes?

    I already debug AACtimecodes and the diference (0-1) is ok!

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    The Transcoder probably won't help if the source is not in sync.


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