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Thread: Audio, but no Video

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    Default Audio, but no Video

    I'm using Wowza Media Server 2 Perpetual 2.2.4 build27452, and I have come across several mp4 files in our collection (encoded from DVD using Handbrake) that only produce sound, no video. I'm using JW Player, as outlined here. I tried re-encoding the films, still using Handbrake as it's our only encoding software, but the problem persists. The problem also appears when I use the Adobe Flash player, as outlined here. These same mp4 files play fine when streamed from Helix server to QuickTime player, so I know the files aren't corrupt. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello dcaunt,

    Can you identify any difference between the working and non-working files using the Gspot or Mediainfo programs?

    Otherwise, please post an example of a non-working file. If you don't want to post a link here in the forums, you can send a download link to and include a reference to this thread.
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    Hi randall,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Due to an oversight on my part, it turns out that I wasn't properly testing the new encoding. Once I realized that, I found that the new encoding of the media did work after all. So, I'm not sure why the old encoding didn't work, but unless it becomes a recurring problem I'm not going to spend any more time right now trying to figure it out (too many other things to do at the moment). Re-encoding the media is simple enough and solved the problem. But thanks for your suggestions. I'll keep them in mind if this comes up again.

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    Default Up with a close issue

    We stream video from Wowza server. Our player lets user to choose video quality : HD, HQ, SD, all in H264 mp4 encoded with the same software. HD and HQ video plays perfectly but SD (500Kbps encoding) sometimes (may be 1/5 times) play audio without video.
    Any clue to help to solve or find a way to solve this problem?

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    It seems like a player/encoding issue most likely. If the audio track is mp3, try 44100Hz, 128kbs, stereo. And try to use AAC instead of MP3, if possible.


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