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Thread: Quick Question: KeyFrameInterval is in Seconds or Frames?

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    Default Quick Question: KeyFrameInterval is in Seconds or Frames?

    Quick question:

    Is the KeyFrameInterval that you set in your transcoder .xml file measured in seconds or frames? I would guess frames, but wanted to check in case I was interpreting this wrong. I swear I've seen it in the docs somewhere, but I can't seem to find it now, so I thought I would just ask since I know I'll get a response rapidly here. Also, if anyone could point me to the documentation where it lists this I would be super grateful.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Adam

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    Hi Adam,

    From the How-to-setup-and-run-Wowza-Transcoder Tutorial:

    "Video/KeyFrameInterval/Interval: How often key frames are generated. Every Nth frame will be a key frame."

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    Quick answer for a quick question. Thanks Randall.

    - Adam

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