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Thread: anyone using a Niagara GoStream encoder with Wowza?

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    Default anyone using a Niagara GoStream encoder with Wowza?

    Hi all -

    anyone using a Niagara GoStream encoder with Wowza??

    I've been using Osprey PCI cards with a desktop and now have a Niagara encoder (used) from 2008.
    It does have the ability to stream Flash, but I'm not sure how to tell Wowza where the stream is.
    Niagara setup screen does not have FMS URL: or field to enter the Stream Name.

    Here is the config screen that I have:

    Still trying to set it up, haven't quite figured out what code I need to display the live stream, and I don't see that encoder in the Quick Start Guide>
    A search led me to this forum post, but couldn't see where the Niagara was discussed.

    any suggestions/best practices would be great.

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    ignore this message

    It turns out the seller of these units marked the wrong model number on the sale, so we have to return them. They don't stream live in Flash.

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